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The mission of Backdraft Movers LLC, dba 3 Alarm Movers is to render high quality, service oriented care dedicated to helping our customers with their moving needs by handling their belongings with care and providing the best service possible to the best of our ability.

We will strive to maintain an atmosphere of cooperation, openness, and efficiency that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of our customers as well as our staff and team of movers.  Understanding that long term relationships are maintained through mutual respect, honesty and trust, we will maintain the highest level of professionalism with a commitment to providing quality service in a comfortable and friendly environment.

In order to service our customer’s needs with excellence, and to develop within our customers an understanding and appreciation of that excellence, we will strive to achieve the following goals:

  • To inform and educate our customers about any helpful moving tips and recommendations

  • To establish a commitment and responsibility to maintaining a cooperative effort between the customer and the moving team

  • To continue our own education so that we can provide our customers with the finest service available

  • To effectively and efficiently utilize both the customers and our time

  • To encourage satisfied customers to refer their friends and family to our service for their moving needs.

  • To maintain open communication and feedback with our customers.

  • To understand that each customer has individual needs.  Recognizing this we should strive to customize our services to meet the needs of each customer to the extent that we can.

Finally, in all our endeavors we will strive to remember that we function best as a team, interdependent of and respecting the unique gifts and differing talents of each other, with no individual being more important than any other, but always willing to help one another become all that he/she can be.

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